Archeological Site

Archaeological Site

The archaeological site of Hualco is located in the north edge of Sierras del Velazco, inside the rocky complex which constitutes the Sierras Pampeanas (Pampeana mountain range), located in La Rioja province. Also known with the name “Hualco’s Pucará”, this archaeological site, which was once inhabited by original people, consists of a large number of precincts or structures with a variety of architectural shapes and with different functions that might have been occupied from the first centuries of the era. When a group of people stays in one location for a period of time, long or short, they leave behind an amount of remains that we call “archaeological site”. An archaeological site can either be a village, a city, a mine, a battlefield, or a hunting post. In 2,004, this area was declared Cultural and Natural Reserve by means of provincial law 7,689. In addition to protecting its biological diversity and landscaping, this reserve protects a complex of archaeological sites which consist of about 150 precincts gathered mainly in the hillsides and on the top of Hualco valley.